Trending: Sconces Above Sofas

I LOVE wall sconces.  As a designer, I find them totally under-used.  They are an excellent way to flank a piece of art at an entry way and to bring a little ambient warmth to a space or vignette.  We spec a lot of wall mount sconces for bathrooms for adequate and flattering lighting.  Lately, however, we seeing a trend of sconces used in interesting places. See for yourself…

Take notes from this one!  Ever come across the perfect vintage fixture but there is only one–this is a simple, understated but beautiful way to use just one fixture.

2015 Color Trends Forecast

This is the time of the year for designers around the world to go into an anxious frenzy wondering what next year’s color forecast will bring.  Especially when making daily design decisions you want to feel like you are designing spaces that will remain fresh for many years to come.  Unfortunately for us Pantone has not released its official 2015 color of the year.  However, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have released their 2015 color palettes.

Sherwin Williams 2015 Color Palettes:



“Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, we’re poised for change. As modern life and technology rush at us, we seek an oasis where we can find balance, mindful living and tempo giusto (the “right time,” or the steady, regular beat of the heart). We look to earth and sky for inspiration, finding raw beauty in striations and gently blurred hues and patterns. Artisans break the mold, creating objects that aren’t what they seem. Shapes are layered and deconstructed. In this moment, silence is the greatest luxury, and metamorphosis is the mother of invention.”



‘To boldly go where no man has gone before.’ That phrase was fantasy when it was born during the Sputnik era. Today we’re living it. The sci-fi dreams of the past have become everyday reality— from space tourism to undersea resorts. No longer confined to our earthly plane, we look to the beyond and find colors that are supernatural and magical. Unusual atmospheric events, including a decade-best aurora borealis and a rare sequence of “blood moons,” will keep our focus on the heavens in the months ahead.”



“Happy days are here again! We’ve weathered the recession. Our revived good spirits echo the optimism that followed World War II, when GIs returned home from exotic locales. Like that era, we’re expressing ourselves with bright florals, but today, our fascination with the tropics runs deeper. We’re exploring the secrets of the rainforest, applying the medicinal and cosmetic benefits of its botanical bounty. We’re looking to the natural world in other ways, too, incorporating green spaces into even dense urban environments — trusting in nature to keep our spirits bright.”



“Life is a Carnival, and we’re eager to celebrate: from bold, ethnic-inspired colors, designs and crafts to the Bohemian lifestyle. But today’s wandering nomads aren’t starving artists — they’re fusing the carefree spirit of the gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set. Artisans and purveyors of luxury goods are getting in the spirit, putting an irreverant spin on their work. South Africa and its colorful art scene exert a strong pull, while the 2016 Summer Olympics will rivet the world’s attention on Rio de Janeiro.”

Click here to see full PDF on Sherwin Williams Colors

Benjamin Moore Colors of the Year:

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year

Tried, True, & Utterly New

Tried, True, & Utterly New

Carry on tradition…with a twist. Classic goes on a graceful journey from rose petal, to wineberry, to deepest plum.

Ground Yourself in Green

Ground yourself in Green

Take inspiration from a citrus grove, a pot of lemon verbena, a sprig of silver sage…

Quiet On the Set

Quiet on the Set

The new opulence—Romantic, minimal, luminous and pale. Lush taupes and barely-there pinks upstage with just a whisper…


California Cool

California Cool

Experience a case study in shape. Tame the light with cool lap pool blues, and twilight azures.

 Click here to view more info about Benjamin Moore 2015 Colors

History Lesson: Louis Ghost Chair

Louis Ghost Chair

“Who else but Philippe Starck would dare mess with a king? Reinventing the classic Louis XVI armchair for Kartell, the playful Louis Ghost Armchair (2002) is a postmodern triumph of technical innovation and historical style. Translating the varied lines and formal geometry of its predecessor into a single form of translucent injection-molded polycarbonate, the Louis Ghost is a robust chair with a medallion backrest for leisurely comfort. When interviewed about the collection by the Dallas Morning News, Starck commented that it “has a mix of materials and styles based on our shared memories. We all own this piece in a way. The chair is well balanced; I try to be balanced myself.” Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in residential and commercial settings. Stacks six high. Made in Italy.”

“The ghost chair brings subtle elegance to any space and is versatile enough for any room in a home or office. It is quickly becoming a popular chair offered by rental firms for large events such as weddings for its indoor/outdoor use, comfort, and durability.”

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Single piece injection-molded transparent polycarbonate. 

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