Throwback Bathrooms: What were we thinking?!

Last week we went through throwback photos of kitchens over the years. This week lets look through some perfectly funky bathrooms from the past 50 years! These photos are sure to make you ask “What were we thinking?!”


Many of us are very familiar with the 50’s bathroom, where the tile matches the color of the tub, which matches the color of the toilet! These bathrooms were very much color coordinating with all their plumbing fixtures.


Many of the same trends from the 50’s were carried into the 60’s, but here we start to see more colorful patterns in the wallpapers and fabrics, floating furniture, and wood paneling.


Getting into the 70s we see a shift in color palette. The colors become more muted, changing from bright blues, greens and pinks, to browns, mustard yellows and deeper greens. The plumbing fixtures changed to white, but the bathrooms themselves were not void of rich color pallets and patterns. CARPET is now introduced into the bathroom… but WHY?!


And on to the the 80s. The patterns here get a bit more choppy and geometric. Black becomes apart of the color pallet now. The tub has now become a focal point in the bathroom; and the use of the circle is used a lot, often times to make the tub stand out.


The bathroom is being brought into the bedroom. A trend I think quickly dissipated. The tub is still a major focal part of the room. Vanities are becoming much more user efficient; they are larger, have more compartments that are specific to items that might be put in them, and seating is incorporated into the vanity.