History Lesson: Toledo Drafting Stool

“While today, Toledo Furniture offers a wide range of plastic, wood and metal furniture, it was founded in 1897, as a bicycle maker. After automobiles reduced the demand for bicycles, the founders, two brothers, Philip Uhl and Clement Uhl and several of the 10 Uhl brothers, switched to manufacturing ice cream parlor seats, and eventually designing furniture pieces meant for schools, factories and offices.

This drafting stool was appreciated for its contoured varnished wood, fully adjustable seat and back height and a pivoting base. It is made of heavy steel and wood and was designed to withstand weight and frequent use.”
Here is a page from one of the Uhl patents in 1905 for a revolving stool.
See more pictures of the Toledo Stool. It was designed with and and without a back. It is often used today for island and desk stools and even dining table chairs. Replicas can be found in many furniture stores today.