Trend Alert: Acrylic Accents


Nothing says “modern” like the look and feel of acrylic (A.K.A. Lucite or Plexiglass). The clear simplicity of the material invokes a sense of science fiction, like a scene from Blade Runner or Back to the Future Part II. This has allowed it to stay in popular design ever since its introduction in the 1930s. However, acrylic’s inherent versatility allows it to work with any design style, not just modern.

In visual terms, clear acrylic can work with any color scheme. In rooms dominated by colorful patterns, acrylic accents are great because they don’t take up any extra visual space.

Acrylic is almost impossible to break on accident, making it perfect for shelving and storage. As a plus, it’s easy to clean. Keep in mind. you might be tempted to use a glass cleaner like Windex, you should stick to using only plastic cleaner and microfiber cloth on acrylic surfaces. Keeping acrylic clean will also compel you to keep what’s on or in it nice and organized (or fashionably unorganized).