Trend Alert: Copper Cosmetics


Something about copper keeps it synonymous with “cozy.” Maybe it’s the colors, those earthy shades of brown and orange. Maybe it’s the way the metal catches and scatters light. Whatever the case may be, adding a touch of copper to your home can bring warmth and comfort in a way that no other material accomplishes.

In terms of adaptability, copper is hard to beat. It can be finished in metallic, matte or gloss and paired with complimentary woods, stones and glasses to create modern-urban, vintage, industrial and eclectic spaces. Contrast is key. Placed next to white and grey fixtures, copper can add that final detail you might need to finish a room. 
If there’s one room copper shines best in, it’s the kitchen. Matching copper fixtures used to contrast dark, solid colors popular in kitchen areas is  a sure-fire way to add flair and character to a room where steel, brass or marble might go unnoticed. For the most eye-catching copper design possible, go with a shade of blue; because copper is a warm orange and blue is orange’s complimentary color. The two look amazing together and copper’s natural varnish makes it turquoise as time goes on.

Copper is also a popular choice for free-standing bath tubs. If you’re looking for a material to use for both your tub and your plumbing hardware, look no further.