Trend Alert: Pastel Kitchens


You might not see the kitchen as the place for soft, understated colors like lavender, peach or baby blue. Indeed, such soft tones seem like an unusual choice for most spaces. However, painting your kitchen in pastels can result in some extraordinary looks.

Is it possible for something to feel retro and modern at the same time? Pastel cabinets and appliances are cornerstones of  the standard vintage kitchen. At the same time, homeowners and designers are finding new ways to utilize these classic colors for a more modern feel.

You’d be surprised at the different color combinations that are possible with pastels. Don’t think you’re limited to Easter-like shades of blue, pink, yellow, and green.

If Easter is your thing, get creative with your colors. Mix it up!

Blue-green with wood accents is a personal favorite combination.

It also goes remarkably well with black for a more modern vibe.

Pastels in general also pair well with copper (P.S. see last month’s blog post on copper cosmetics).
Here are a few more kitchens to hopefully give you inspiration: