Trend Alert: Bathroom Plants


When you need a place to hang your plants, what comes to mind? The living room is probably the first thing you think of, but what about the bathroom? A lot of folks don’t realize the bathroom can be an ideal home for most floral friends.

Primarily, plants love the humid air created by running hot water. When caring for your plant, simply placing it near or above the shower can eliminate the need to water regularly.

Furthermore, some plants can actually serve as air purifiers, killing bacteria and toxins in the air and making your bathroom feel even cleaner. Keep these ones close. Hanging eucalyptus in your shower can even reduce stress and promote respiratory health.

Consider your approach. Some prefer the one-and-done/minimalist style in which a single plant can suffice. Others go for the “bathtime oasis” and form a miniature jungle around the bath or shower.

Whichever style you choose, do some research on the plants you keep indoors. Some species can be harmful to pets and children, so make sure you know what’s in the pot.

In the end, no room should be off-limits for your plants. To see how our floral friends can work in other indoor spaces, check out our blog post on indoor plants!