AIA 2017 Second Quarter Trend Survey: Home Features


AIA (American Institute of Architects) recently released their second quarterly survey on Home Design Trends for 2017. The second quarter focuses on home features. Here are some highlights.

  • Outdoor Kitchens

Of rooms increasing in popularity, outdoor kitchens is at the top of the list. Some others include mudrooms and home offices.



  • Multi-generational Living

We are now thinking about aging in place much more when building/remodeling. We are asking the question, “Will I be able to live in this space when I am older?”. Or many of us are taking in our elderly parents. Some popular features of a multi-generational home include: first floor master suites, wider doorways and hallways, and easy-to-use features (e.g. single handle faucets).

  • Ease of Maintenance and Wireless Features

This is the age of technology. Wireless and home automation controls are always growing in popularity. We are often looking for those with an ease of maintenance. Some common wireless/ ease of maintenance features include: energy management and efficiency (e.g. solar panels and tankless water heaters), sound systems, smart thermostats, motion sensor lights, etc.


  • Home Improvement

Home remodeling and improvement trump new builds these days. And first-time home buyers are way up! Also, the condo market is rising (this may have to do with our movement towards ease of maintenance?). Something we have really seen decrease is the purchase of vacation homes.
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