Trend Alert: Woven Works


As we transition into the colder seasons, some of us are desperately clinging to the last remains of summer. Decorating your interior with woven textures is a great way to add warmth and comfort to your home.

Often associated with a bohemian style, woven furniture and decorations feel laid back and a little rustic. In fact, some of the materials originated in the tropics. Rattan, one of the most popular deco materials today, is made from a climbing plant found in the jungles of Asia. Similar to bamboo, it has been used in furniture making for generations. These days, rattan is being used to create some truly unique and intricate pieces.

However, woven doesn’t have to mean tan or brown. If it’s a rug, blanket or hanging decoration, adding a splash of color can give you that contrast you need to complete a room. 
You might not expect it, but woven materials also work great for making sturdy tables and chairs. Because of its durability, rattan and wicker pieces are often placed outdoors, but they also work great in the kitchen or living room. 
Whether you go big or you go small, you’re always going to want to go home to these woven decorations.

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