Richard L. Ourso

Principal, Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer, Certified Aging in Place SpecialistODLongFarm_024_COLOR

Richard Ourso, a pioneering entrepreneur, founded Ourso Designs in 2000. Building on decades of skilled woodworking and successful craftsmanship, Richard’s budding business quickly grew. Richard holds the National Kitchen and Bath designation, Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), and a certification in aging-in-place (CAPS).  He has been a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) for over 10 years, and is a member of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), and of the Baton Rouge local Home Builders Association (HBAGBR).

At the start of 2013 Richard Ourso began the process of launching Ourso Designs’ sister company, The Olde Mill.  While involved in the kitchen and bath industry, Richard started designing with solid wood beams but recognized the hassle of obtaining consistent and specific solid beams. After 20 years of dedicated research and hard work, Richard created the hollow box beam that is now handcrafted in-house and is responsible for the success of The Olde Mill.

Logan Wheeler Ramirez

Designer, Bachelor of Interior Design


Logan is a graduate from LSU Art & Design School with a Bachelor of Interior Design. While in school, Logan won several awards for her projects and rendering capabilities. Her work experiences include an internship with Commercial Design Interiors, CDI (of Baton Rouge) and  working as a chalk and graphic artist at Whole Foods Market.

Her personal design aesthetic is mostly modern with historical influences mixed with a sophisticated use of raw materials. In her down time, Logan likes to “absorb books, movies, music, food, and to engage in meeting new people and good conversation.”

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