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Best Summer Plants 2021

June 24, 2021

Summer is the perfect time for indoor plants. Plants are great additions to your home no matter the size. Whether you have a green thumb or never have been able to keep a plant alive in your life, there is a plant out there you can use to add some life to your home this summer.

Benefits of Indoor Plants

People enjoy having green spaces in their homes for many reasons, but did you know there are actual health benefits to having live plants in your home? conducted a study that produced the following 7 benefits:

1. Reduce stress level

2. Sharpen your attention

3. Therapeutic

4. Recover from illness faster

5. Boost productivity

6. Improve outlook on work

7. Quality of indoor air

What Plants Should I Get For My Home?

We know not everyone is born with a green thumb. We consulted a local garden shop to give us the best summer plants for both beginners and expert plant parents.

Care Level: Easy

These plants require less water than most! Wait until the soil is completely dry before giving them a drink. Store them where they can get indirect sunlight and you will have a happy plant.

- Fiddle Leaf Fig

- ZZ Plant

- Aloe Plant


Care Level: Intermediate

These plants need lots of bright, indirect sunlight. Also, give them lots to drink pretty regularly.

- Rubber Plant

- Kentia Palm

- Philodendron


Care Level: Expert

Direct sunlight is a must for these beauties. Also, make sure to keep them nice and hydrating, watering consistently to keep the soil damp.

- Gardenia

- Croton


Let us know which of these plants are your favorite and if there is one of this list we missed. Summer is here and all these plants are in bloom. What better time than the summer to start developing your green thumb? Visit our Pinterest Board below for more summer plant ideas.

Indoor Plants

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