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Different Types Of Home Bars

June 2, 2021

Calling all of our at home baristas and bartenders...this one is for you! Adding in a home bar has become such a fun addition to a person's home. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or a wine aficionado, there is a home bar that can work best for you!

Coffee Bars

For all of our coffee lovers, creating an at home coffee bar or nook can be as simple or complex as you need. Some people just stick a coffee pot or Keurig machine on their counter and call it a day! Others don't want their counters to become too cluttered so they choose to hide their machines behind cabinet doors (like the project below).


Wet Bars

A wet bar is any type of bar setup that includes a sink. If you are thinking about creating your bar in a separate room from the kitchen, wet bars are a great option to help prevent running back and forth from the kitchen. Incorporating a wet bar into your home is a great asset to have and can improve your home's overall value. Pro tip from our designers: Place your sink to either side of your bar rather than the center. This helps to maximize your counter space!


Dry Bars

A dry bar is any space that can be used to prep drinks! These bars do not include sinks which can be a more economical option since you don't have to install a new or connect to an existing plumbing line. Recently, dry bars are beginning to pass up wet bars in popularity since they are seen as a more modern take of a home bar. Most people create their dry bars by allocating counterspace next to a liquor cabinet. They can also serve as a great space to display high end bottles of liquor or nice glasses.


If you love to entertain or just want a nice place to make your morning coffee, consider incorporating a bar into your renovation plans! Click on the button to check out our Pinterest Board for even more ideas!