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Maximalism: The New Age

July 16, 2021

Bigger. Brighter. Busier.

The maximalist design style is loud, composed of mixed patterns and excessive, but curated collections and saturated colors. Maximalism encourages utilizing your space in the boldest way possible. It's all about design and the features: colors, chaps, tones, and textures creating an over the top space.

Once a category of music, visual art, and literature, maximalism has now expanded into an interior design strategy. While it embraces the idea of excess, it’s finished in a way that promotes repetition, patterns, bold palettes, intricate graphic details, and one of kind possessions. The design style is ornate in nature, reminiscent of the stately home interiors that are found in England, with a modern twist due to the bold colors, and modern accents.


Maximalism Elements

It’s essential to remember maxing out your style at home should be a reflection of you and your unique style choices. People are complicated, complex, and multilayered. Maximalist design style expresses our personality and experiences through design and décor choices.


Characteristics of a Maximalist Space

- Repetitive patterns in prints such as florals, abstract, and animal prints

- Rich, bold colors

- Unique statement pieces

- Mixing and matching of texture and colors

- Multiples of items such as books, statues, and artworks

- Blending of styles [Ex. classic, eclectic, boho]


Pro Tip For Beginners

Start slow, adding color, layering patterns, and displaying sentimental pieces. Combining rugs, wallpapers, paintings, and photos can be a great way to start a max room design. Add different furniture pieces, contrasting patterns and colors to accent the items you have chosen for the layered space. Remember, each layer should represent the story of your home and the people who occupy it!

Maximalism is in full bloom, let the layering of our homes begin! Let us know if you plan to max out your space or you have already begun the maximalist design style in your home. We would love to see your MAX space! Visit our Pinterest board below for more maximal design inspiration!

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