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Outdoor Living

May 25, 2022
outdoor living

As we begin to dive into the summer months, people are beginning to spend more and more time outside. Warmer weather and longer days are the perfect combination to set the stage for an outdoor evening. We are seeing more and more people wanting to transform their outdoor spaces, just not knowing where to begin. Luckily for you, Ourso Designs has designed many outdoor spaces and is ready to share these tips and tricks!

3 Zones of Outdoor Spaces

Each outdoor space can be categorized into one of three main zones:

  • Cooking
  • Lounging
  • Dining

Most outdoor spaces have all three but not all are necessary! A common misconception of an outdoor space is that is has to be all or nothing. The reality is that it could be as simple as having a small grill on a small brick porch. The goal is to create the perfect space for your personal wants and needs.


An outdoor cooking space needs very similar items needed in a main, indoor kitchen. Having a sink and a decent amount of counterspace allows someone to prep meals outside to go directly on the outfoot cooking surface rather than traveling back and forth inside and outside. Incorporating a refrigerator, whether full-size or under counter, is also helpful for storing snacks and drinks.

Cooking surfaces vary greatly from small round grills to elite Blackstone cooktops and Traeger smokers. These can either be built-in under the patio overhang or freestanding out in the adjacent yard. If it is built-in under a roof, we recommend incorporating a vent hood to help remove smoke, grit and heat

Outdoor kitchen
Chipper Hatter
outdoor living


Comfort is the main goal in an outdoor lounging space. If you are going to be spending a lot of time out there, it is important to be comfortable! Ceiling fans are highly recommended and a huge help in circulating warm air out. During the winter, fireplaces and heaters are great to have as well as screens to protect from the strong winter breezes.

Choosing the proper orientation of an outdoor space is also crucial for comfort. If the space faces the west, there will be heavy sun as the sun sets in the evenings. Facing north allows the strong winds to whip through during the cooler months, and facing southeast gives strong summer winds in the warmer months. We'd recommend facing the southeast if possible. If not, the space can be designed with walls to block sun and winds to ensure comfort as much as possible.

Stephen Eisenbraun with Fotosold


As nice as a big comfy couch is, they are not the most practical to enjoy a meal at. Including a space for a dining table rounds out the functional design of an outdoor space. Tables can be included under the roof or out in the adjacent yard. Be mindful of rainy weather when keeping any furniture out from under cover. Rain can come out of nowhere in the summers especially in Louisiana, so it is nice to have a plan B dining space under cover.


From patios overhangs to freestanding structures, there is a style of outdoor space for everyone! We look having the opportunity to work on outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. Give us a call today to get your project started!