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Country Club Home Set To Entertain

This beautiful home built in the 1980s/1990s had the traditional segmented home with the kitchen separated away from the living room. Due to the load of the existing loadbearing wall, structural beams were added for support. These beams are not usually the prettiest, so we decided to wrap these with engineered beams. All of the appliances were upgraded to modern day standards to accommodate their new, functional kitchen. The cooking surface was moved into a larger island with more prep space around it. The sink remained in the same spot and floating shelves were added above for more storage. Although most kitchens nowadays are including ranges with ovens, this client decided to stick with the traditional double wall oven. Brick pavers were chosen for the flooring, adding tons of visual interest to the space. These pavers are a great, easier option if you want add brick floors in your home!