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Mid-City Cottage Update

This cottage is situated just off the LSU Lakes and is a real charmer! The clients were opting for a traditional closed-off kitchen with maximum storage and space for a stackable washer and dryer. With the use of local custom cabinetry we were able to disguise the laundry closet and make it appear as party of the kitchen pantry (similated into the rest of the cabinetry). Additional storage was achieved by taking the cabinets up to the ceiling which also makes the room appear larger. We were still able to accomdate the existing exterior pair of french doors. Careful consideration went into the details for accomodating door casings, the amenities. To the left of the sink there is a cabinet space that is sized to retrofit for a dishwasher if need be for future use. The original crank-casement window at the sink was carefully restored to keep the cottage charm. Beautiful clear-finished alder cabinetry was used with simplistic detail to round out the space.