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Open Living Spaces

This design job is a good example of a typical, older home construction where kitchen, dining room and family room were separate rooms. With the removal of walls and incorporation of old pine beams a larger, better living space was created. It illustrates the need to create today’s open living spaces promoting family comfort and conversation. This kitchen was such a great marriage between the use of rustic old posts and beams and “dirty top” pine flooring and the use of very formal dark walnut cabinetry. Other interesting aesthetic features of the area include a brick archway side entrance and a diamond patterned stone backsplash that extends to the ceiling behind the cooking surface. A local cabinetry shop is credited with the great job they did in coping the full height cabinetry to flow with the angled ceiling that was created when the 8’-0” ceiling height was elevated to 9’-0”. Later the client came back to us for the design of the outdoor living space. We are currently working on plans for a master suite.