“Ourso Designs was wonderful to work with. After several months of agonizing on my own over what to do we contracted with Richard Ourso. He came in and offered 3 different design plans and reviewed the pros and cons of each. We decided to go with the most extensive plan, which included taking out a load bearing wall. Great decision!

Stevi Gibson, the interior designer and product selection specialist, helped with every aspect of the kitchen selection process. She was intuitive and always ready to show me what the differences in my choices would mean to the overall design. For example, she had various examples ready to show me when picking the colors of the faucets, hardware, granite, etc. in order to show me how little variations really made a big difference. She was very thorough in covering all aspects of the kitchen design – where cabinet pulls would go, how high backsplash would be, and provided a 3D picture of what the kitchen would look like as well as views of the kitchen from doorways, hallways, etc/ which was so helpful in seeing what the finished product would look like.

Ourso Designs really listened to me and worked with me to help me design the kitchen I wanted. I’ve used designers before and ended up with a space the space they wanted but not the one I wanted. They really understood my design aesthetic and always steered me in the right direction based on the overall look I was trying to achieve. Great company to work with!”