Pamela Monroe

“We used Ourso Designs for a major project in Spring 2015. Probably 40% of the total sqft of our home was gutted and remodeled, including kitchen, dining, and family room. It was a big job and required some creativity both to envision the remodel and work out the engineering of it as load bearing walls were removed, ceiling heights were blended, etc. I also had been remodeling the space in my head for a very long time, so I had a good idea of what I wanted but definitely needed help to work it all out on paper. We had an excellent experience with Ourso Designs – they proposed ideas, were flexible in making changes, and worked very quickly to come up with the final design. In our case we had a contractor we’d used several times before and did not need on-site supervision but Ourso would have provided this. They did check in on the job and answered questions throughout the process. What I liked best was that they did not impose their ideas on us, rather listened carefully and then used their experience and creativity to arrive at a great design. All this was accomplished at a highly competitive and fair price. I definitely would recommend them.”