We’re Kitchen & Bath Designers

Designing a kitchen and/or bath poses a number of special challenges.  We work with clients to make sure the spaces meet their needs functionally, flow properly with designated paths of travel, looks like envisioned, and utilizes and maximizes your square footage.

Our Network

Ourso Designs collaborates with various industry professionals including architects, home builders, interior designers, individual home owners, and of course you—the client. We provide all information necessary for the client to submit to a contractor or architect assigned to the job. The cabinetry layout and all details are included which allows the homeowner to use the plans for the bidding process. Finished designs include floor plans, elevations, and 3-D perspectives as part of the package. If you would like to use our on-staff product selection specialists that is an option as well!

Our Approach

At Ourso Designs, we’ve been offering a client-focused design approach for more than twelve years. From the beginning, we view our clients as partners. After discussing and analyzing our client’s ideas and goals, we explore those ideas, and then present a range of options to fulfill client-inspired design solutions. After our clients choose the design best suited for them, we develop the design further by working out the details and tweaking it to perfection.

Our Philosophy

At Ourso Designs we take the time to make this exciting process as easy and rewarding as possible.  We go the extra mile to help our clients understand the “ins and outs” of the mechanics related to kitchen and bath design. Attention to detail and careful consideration of the client’s opinion help us create a space that truly reflects the personality of the user.

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