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Phase 1: Existing Measure & Layout

During this phase, information is gathered and measurements are taken. Our team performs a thorough design evaluation of the space to design for your life-style and needs. With the measurements, the existing space will be drawn on a computer-based program. This will assist us in ensuring that the new design aligns properly with existing walls and fixtures.

Phase 2: Options

At this time, our team hand-drafts multiple options for the spatial-planning of the new design. These options are then presented to you in order to get feedback and possible revisions to those options before moving to the next phase. This phase is valuable because hand drafting is more efficient in presenting pre-schematic design concepts.

Phase 3: Preliminary Plans

The selected option will be finalized and transferred to the computer in this phase. This phase includes floor plans, elevations and 3D perspectives of the new space. We then present the designs to you for review.

Phase 4: Preliminary Edits

After the preliminary meeting, our team will make any edits discussed and you will be sent a set of plans to mark up any other revisions not discussed during the meeting. Our team will review the edits and begin product suggestions. If product suggestions aren't necessary, we will begin work on your final plans.


Phase 5: Material Suggestions

Our team will work with you to select any materials or fixtures your project may need. We will also create a spreadsheet of these materials for easy purchase.

Phase 6: Final Plans

Any final adjustments are made during this phase, and final plans are produced. This will include all floor plans, elevations, electrical plans, construction documents, and a spreadsheet of the selected materials and fixtures. Any professional involved in your project will be able to use these plans.