We’re Kitchen & Bath Designers

We work with clients to make sure the spaces meet their needs functionally, flow properly with designated paths of travel, look like envisioned, and maximize square footage. We collaborate with various industry professionals including architects, home builders, interior designers, and individual home owners.

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1. Initial Visit to Jobsite

At this time, information is gathered and measurements are taken (2 to 4 hours). for a thorough design evaluation of the space, your life-style and needs; travel time is included in estimate.

2. Documentation of Existing Space

Your existing space will be entered into a computer-aided design program. This will assist us in ensuring that your new design aligns properly with existing walls & fixtures (Approximately 1 to 3 hours).

3. Preliminary Floorplans

Several floor plan layouts are created to offer you more than one option for your design (1 to 5 hours). We understand that not all layouts & design ideas will appeal to our clients, but all of the layouts are necessary in the design process to get to the final design that meets all of the client’s expectations and needs.

4. Computer Aided Design

Designs elected at consulation will be finalized and carried to the next level of development; creating elevations and perspectives of the space (3 to 9 hours).

5. Design Presentation

Presentation (at Ourso Design’s Office) of design in 3D visualization (1.5 to 3.5 hours).

6. Preliminary Plans

Preliminary plans plotted and given to client for review (1 to 3 hours).

7. Finalization of Plans

Any final requested adjustments are made at this time, then final plans are printed. This will include floor plans, perspectives, electrical plans, and 3D perspectives (1 to 4 hours).

8. Product Selection

 We specialize in helping with selections such as counter tops, back splash, flooring, lighting, plumbing, cabinet styles, decorative hardware, paint colors and finishes. We have working knowledge of current products and materials, as well as design trends and styles. We also maintain relationships with reputable showrooms and vendors in the area. Finally, we produce a detailed specification spreadsheet noting all the details of the selections made and any detailed drawings necessary to help your contractor through the renovation.

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“Richard Ourso did a wonderful job transforming our wishes and a flooded home into a design much better than we had envisioned. With his help, we turned lemons into lemonade!! I highly recommend his services.”

Monique Ravey

Richard Ourso designed the cabinet work for our house in 1995 when we began completely remodeling the interior.  The new cabinet and mill work – all in cypress – included the entire kitchen and a complete floor-to-ceiling fireplace surround and mantel, with large built-in entertainment center cabinets on each side.  Later additions included bathroom vanities and a linen cabinet and built-in drawer cabinets in closets.  Even the laundry room, with its extensive cypress installed storage capacity, is both beautiful and useful.  Richard spent a good deal of time with us and at our house to make sure both our functional needs and our tastes were satisfied.  The results are beautiful and lasting.   There have been no problems with the cabinetwork or hardware.  We enjoy and appreciate every piece and often receive compliments on the look and design.  Thanks, Richard!

Fred & Peggy

Fred & Peggy

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